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Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Leadership Development Training with Paula

BA Training and Development, Grad Ed, MA Leadership, PhD

Paula is a Master Trainer and is just a little bit obsessed with quality training. She has been training trainers and presenters for much of her 30 year career.Along with the thousands of training courses she has personally delivered, she is committed to  raising the bar for the whole industry through her leadership of industry associations and development of National courses and standards. Apart from her extensive industry experience, Paula's robust tertiary qualifications ensures you are in good hands. Paula is totally committed to sustainable behavioural change.

Some of Paula's Signature Master Classes, Training and Programmes

Along with the thousands of training courses she has personally delivered, she is committed to raising the bar for the whole industry. Paula co-founded 2 industry associations, has contributed to many National boards and authored books and articles in the area of Powerful Presenting, Training and Communication.

Paula also developed the first Australian qualification in Presenting and the World-First certification and qualification in Neuropresenting. Paula is also CEO of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting – A global training company originally founded to support and develop exceptional trainers and presenters and now delivers a diverse range of workforce development solutions and Master Classes. Not all training is equal. Don’t waste valuable time or money with the wrong training.

Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Leadership Development for Your Organisation

Invite Paula to consult with your key stakeholders to design or develop a learning and development strategy for you and your organisation.

Many of Paula's training programmes can be also be transformed into an engaging keynote presentation - See Keynote page for Paula's signature keynotes.

See below for more information on some of Paula's popular training programmes and master classes or talk to Paula for a bespoke solution for your key people.

Presentation Skills, Communication and Leadership Courses

Exceptional Presenter – Present with IMPACT

Presentation skills are a must have skill in today’s competitive business arena. Having the skill to stand up with confidence and communicate your message effectively is a vital skill that organisations demand their key personnel possess.

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Team Development

REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship Model and Masterclass

Team development with the REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship model and masterclasses. Stand alone or integrated into a range of communication and leadership programmes.

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Neuropresenting ® – Presenting with the brain in mind

Neuropresenting ® is a unique and powerful blend of adult learning, professional presenting, influential communication and neuroscience principles all packaged up into an innovative and highly interactive professional development programme to help you to become a confident and powerful presenter.

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Communicate with IMPACT

Being able to communicate effectively is a vital skill in any workplace. But what does communicating effectively really mean? It means being able to get your message across to the right people, the right way and at the right time while maintaining positive relationships

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Storytelling for Business and Leaders

Our brains are wired for stories. Stories embed in the brain in a completely different way than facts and figures. Powerful storytelling is a combination of art and science and delivery practice, are you harnessing the power of storytelling?

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Facilitate and Lead Meaningful Meetings

No more boring and unproductive meetings. High-level communication, engaging facilitation techniques and effective planning skills are just some of the magic ingredients in meaningful meetings. Wasted meeting time costs organisations millions of dollars each year.

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Pitch on Purpose – Winning in the boardroom and beyond

Communicating and pitching your ideas and message with clarity and confidence is a must have skill in today’s past paced business environment. This interactive, high-impact session is designed for busy professionals

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Speak and Profit

Speaking is one of the most profitable activities in today’s business environment. With just one touch point, you can build relationships, earn trust and have the opportunity to talk about your products, services and message to your ideal clients.

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Emotional Intelligence

Without the ability to build and maintain critical relationships at work there would be no business and certainly no happy work environment. Emotional intelligence may be the best predictor of success in life, redefining what it means to be smart

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Lead on Purpose – Women in Leadership

We believe that every woman has leadership capabilities. Our mission is to help you realise that potential and to give the resources and support you
need to lead. Research proves that when you capitalise on the diversity of your workforce, the return on investment is a better performing organisation

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Values Based Leadership

Leadership isn’t always about being popular, it’s about doing what is right. Your values and what matters most to you and the organisation you represent should be the foundation and building blocks for how you lead. It has been suggested that leadership is not personal, leadership IS personal.

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Executive Presence

Executive Presence is a powerful workshop that explores the skills, attributes and behaviours needed to succeed in a corporate environment. Those who develop executive presence have a greater sense of self and the skills to develop and maintain positive relationships with those around them.

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Amplify Your Personal Brand

A strong personal brand is an essential business or career strategy. Are people talking about you for the right reasons? Have you created that brand promise that people know and trust? Does your personal brand align to your organisation’s brand?

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