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A few comments from my valuable clients – I hope to impress you too although its results that get me really excited

Paula Smith presents Executive Pitching

Corporate, Leaders and Organisations

Paula, you surpassed my expectations as our keynote speaker. Your style, creativity, delivery, engaging persona and the list could go on. Wow would be one word to sum up the presentation. I hope we can engage in your skills again in the near future. Our organisation was so impressed. So glad we connected. I would, and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker. 

Natalie Budd-Doyle (Business Foundations)

Paula’s presentation skills were of the highest quality and this fact was clearly demonstrated when she transformed our classroom into a place where the learning experience was both enjoyable and successful. Because of Paula’s dynamic delivery we chose to ask Paula to return to deliver her Leadership programme which also hit the mark with outstanding success across all levels of the organisation.

Leonard Vose - Human Resources - Bradken

The team clearly got a lot out of the session and benefited from your enthusiasm and experience. They will no doubt be putting their key learning’s from the Exceptional Presenter into practice in the near future (as will I!)  

Mark Wood - Trade Commissioner - Austrade Bangkok

I can’t thank Paula enough. Paula worked with my leadership team and the transformation in such a short amount of time was astonishing. In fact, it was the best development money I have ever spent.

Will Galwey - Business Improvement BHP

Paula Smith is one of the most powerful trainers and presenters in Australia, without a doubt. I was fortunate to attend her neuropresenting course "Present on Purpose" which was a 3-day immersion that certainly helped me level up. I have also seen Paula in action as an entertaining and engaging MC at large events, as well as inspiring every attendee in more intensive boardroom presentations and executive round-tables. I highly recommend Paula.

Lyn Hawkins – Director of Business Women Australia

What I loved about the Exceptional Business Program, was Paula’s ability to draw on her extensive business experience to deliver a very practical and easy to understand Program. The content of the group sessions was at a level that resonated and connected with each of the participants, regardless of what stage of development their business was at. At the same time, everyone had access to 1:1 coaching sessions that delved down into the detail of their business. There were many ‘aha’ moments for all of us and lots of fun along the way. I would highly recommend the Program to anyone who is starting, growing or reinventing a business.

Angie Paskevicios – CEO of Holy Oak and Testra Business Woman of the Year

I was a nervous presenter with very little experience. I was about to pitch for an opportunity of a lifetime and I knew I needed a true expert to work with me. After doing my research and listening to lots of recommendations, it was evident that Paula Smith was the expert I was looking for. Her reputation in the speaking and executive coaching industry was impressive. After winning my pitch and gaining a Churchill Fellowship, I then went on to complete many more training days with Paula as I prepared to speak at conferences about my research when I returned from my global travels. I have seen Paula in action both presenting and training others and always marvel at her ability to transform any Joe Average into an engaging and influential presenter. Her knowledge goes deep, her experience is wide and diverse, but it's her warm, generous (and straight to the point) personality that keeps me coming back for more

Shelly Dival – Autism Design Specialist. 2017 Churchill Fellow. Advocate for enabling environments

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with Paula Smith to run a boardroom seminar in support of Foodbank WA. Paula's keynote presentation - 'Winning In The Boardroom - Executive Pitching & Communication' was delivered with a passion and professionalism which exceed our lofty expectations. Paula nailed the brief and left the room of executives and senior managers wanting more. Paula's depth and breadth of presentation intelligence experience is truly exceptional and we cannot wait to work with her again!

Duc Pham - Director of Perth Business Network and Foodbank Ambassador


Master Class Testimonials

“I attended one of Paula’s workshops last night  – Presentation skills with a twist. I was blown away! She is sharp, to the point and creative. There are many presentation skills workshops out there, but this was by far the most professional and inspiring workshop I have attended in years. She had everyone mesmerised by her expertise. Talk about practice what you preach!”  

Tanya Finnie - Director Red Head Communications

"I have been on a massive professional development journey over the last few years and I can honestly say this was the best training I have ever attended. It is insightful, entertaining and a gentle push outside your comfort zone".

Caitriona Forde - Cyber Security Speaker and Trainer

Wow. The Exceptional Presenter course was amazing! I always considered myself to be a confident presenter, but after completing the course, I am not only more confident but now understand how to be both powerful and influential. Paula managed to get each and every one of us to the next level of presenting and we had so much fun doing it. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to stand up and present. There are many presentation skills courses out there, I know I have done them; this one is second to none. 

Pepita Chan -Account Manager Financial Services -Landgate

I feel it is important to let you know that of all the training and courses I have undertaken in 25 years in Australia (and there have been many I can assure you), I found this to be the most informing, rewarding and professionally run. I can honestly say I have taken more from this particular course than from any other. Furthermore I know that a rewarding and educational experience like that does not occur by accident, it is in fact a testimony to level of professionalism and commitment of the trainer, well done for a job well done! Again, Many Thanks. 

Dermot Hodges - Exceptional Trainer Participant

Wow, what an eye opening session this morning! I have worked for myself since 1985 and have been on countless presentations and I can honestly say that this morning was the most memorable and exciting

Paul Cheverall - Managing Director Home Builders Advantage

You have rekindled my desire to expand my business and personal communication skills so don’t be surprised if you see me at one of your other courses in the future. I can't thank you enough.

Peter Tutt - Diretcor of A+ Training Solutions

We all had such a great afternoon Paula in the Personal Branding Workshop and we are still talking about and implementing ALL of the things we covered. Thank you from our team

Tania Hollingsworth – HR Manager Gooding Pervan Accountants

Paula is a consummate professional with boundless energy, amazing knowledge and incredible generosity that she shared freely in the masterclass. Paula’s impressive background does not interfere with her humility and this is a testament to her character as a person. She is innovative, intelligent and authentic in the way she presents. conducts herself and operates her business. I have great respect for Paula’s approach to life and the way she acts is always in complete alignment with the message that she delivers. 

Dr Troy Hendrickson – Executive Education, Global Educator – Leadership Speaker, Org Development Speaker and Consultant

Paula is a great facilitator and has a passion for high quality presentation. Her passion and skill is obvious in her own delivery but also comes through in her book on presentation skills. I was lucky enough to use some of her concepts and ideas when facilitating a workshop and pitching recently and had glowing feedback, most of which I can attribute to her techniques and suggestions. 

Andrew Saunders
General Manager- Operations Credo Group

It is clear Paula has a love and passion for her field. Paula’s delivery was nothing short of superb. Everyone who attended the course would agree. I took away a renewed enthusiasm after finishing the course and Paula was available afterwards to assist us any time. I look forward to a continued business relationship with her.

Paul Gillingham - Director Real Estate


Private Presentation Skills And Business Coaching Testimonials

Paula is an outstanding business and speaking coach. Over the years I’ve worked with various coaches, but Paula’s straight shooting style, attention to detail and skill in meeting you where you’re at and guiding you in a direction that’s right for you makes Paula an invaluable resource for your personal and business growth.

Rebecca Hannan – Keynote Speaker and Workplace Wellness Expert

OMG! It was such an inspirational and amazing journey. I can’t switch off my brain today; now that I have my message I seem to be creating my keynote in my head so getting it down on paper as quick as its coming. Thanks again Paula

Ava Lucanus CSP - Director of Edge Communication and WA President of Professional Speakers Association

Paula is a master at finding that gold within us that sometimes we cannot see ourselves. She uncovers the blind spots in our business and is a master of creating powerful commercial messages. In her last Exceptional Business Master Mind, she managed to creatively re-brand several businesses and we got to see the immediate commercial results. Wow. I found clarity, support and synergy within the group and the private coaching in between sessions was invaluable. The Exceptional Business programme inspired me to expand and move forward into what’s possible.

Dr Russya Connor  - The Creative Philosopher – Speaker, Trainer and Expert in Organisational Creativity

I thoroughly enjoyed my personal journey over the 3 months. I felt that getting to know and hear everyone else’s story, thoughts and their current personal and business position certainly assisted me in further understanding my own. Paula has a nice balance between facilitator and showing a caring persona whilst effectively delivering the content over the 3 months.  I think whether you’re a newer business, established and small, medium or large you can definitely take a lot away from this inspiring business forum.

Brett White – Managing Director Remax and Begin Property Developments

My entire mindset and approach to business has been altered. I feel I now have the tools to grow and leap out of my comfort zone. I now even charge what I’m actually worth.

Tamara Cook – Director Known Associates Events

We won a $100,000.00 last night. Winners are Grinners. Thank you so much for your invaluable help in setting us on the right path for our preparation and pitch. I imagine we will meet again soon. Presentation Skills Pitching Training/Coaching 

Michelle Hovane – Funding Pitch for Sensorium Theatre

On Monday I did my first paid speaking gig. I’d done plenty of paid comedy gigs before, but this was very different – the kids treated me like a rock star, hung on every single word during my talk, then lined up for autographs afterwards… AND they paid me for it! Your prorgramme was the turning point in transitioning from a marginally successful but unsatisfied stand -up comic into an astronaut candidate who can’t wait to inspire the next room full of kids or adults alike. Apart from The Project, I featured on Triple J’s Hack program a month back, and I’m talking to Channel 7’s Sunrise about appearing there soon too – definitely an interesting year ahead! Thank you for everything

Josh Richards - Astronaut Candidate, Speaker and Scientist

Fabulous 3 days of incredible know-how and endless ideas, all presented perfectly. This morning everything began to really fall into place for me, complete with perfect visuals and illustrations for my talks. My confidence and excitement suddenly soared as I recognised and truly ‘felt’ the perfect fit Paula suggested for what I have to offer. Such an obvious un-obvious Paula Smith. Huge thanks for seeing what I couldn’t.” 

Virginia Huupponen - Speaker and Consultant

Lookout world here I come….and you all can thank Paula for my motivation and inspiration! Well done Paula for a sensational weekend of knowledge transfer and lots of fun too! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute

Liz Atherton - Author of Mind Chatter

Thank you, Paula, and my fellow speakers! Amazing to see where we got to in three days. I am putting it all into practice now and seeing great results. 

Sharron Attwood - Speaker and Coach

Paula, you are such an inspiration, thank you! It was a very worthwhile investment of my time to join you for this, and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards, a little every day

Veronika Andersson - Accountant

WOW. I know you won’t read this until the morning (1 day post your workshop) but I have just written over 4000 words of my book in about 3 hours. I am kicking myself big time now??. (3 weeks post workshop) Finished – After 10 years trying to write it. August: Published, Interview and book launch on Today Tonight and a Canadian Speaking Tour. RIP Darren – His legacy will live on. Darren lost his fight in December 2017

Darren Vernede - Speaker, Aids Ambassador, Author and Resilience Coach

The first time that I spoke with Paula Smith I knew I had found the right person to help me develop and launch my personal brand and speaking business. Whilst her knowledge on the subject is outstanding, it was her ability to use that knowledge to provide me with strategic advice as well as insights on every aspect of personal brand building that truly stood out. Combined with her sense of humour, honest approach and passion for her clients Paula is the perfect choice for someone looking for help with building and launching their brand and their business. 

Luke Versace - Lawyer, Keynote Speaker

Before I started working with Paula I knew I wanted to make a slight change in direction, but wasn’t sure how to do it, or where to start, and made no real moves to do anything. Working with Paula has created these waves of direction and action. I am now moving on a clear path and making changes. Paula is also commercially savvy and able to hone in on the critical components of my message. You become incredibly precise in what and how you need to let the market know about you – almost is just not good enough! She has made an enormous difference. I have taken these giant strides and surprised myself. (It may have something to do with Paula’s whip!). And, although I am still a business fledgling, I know that based on my current results continuing to work with Paula will give me the edge, the confidence and the quintessential assurance that will allow me to create the business of my dreams. Paula, you rock, and your own and passion and drive makes it an absolute pleasure to be working with you. Thank you so very much.  

Karen Livey MBA (Keynote Speaker and Director Leadership Keys)

Hi Paula, thank you, it’s really surreal how much I’m enjoying this new adventure in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever been this passionate about a future career this much! Your enthusiasm, expertise and energy makes it that much more exciting!

Grant Pearce - Entrepreneur and Career Firefighter

I am so happy I joined the Exceptional Business Group. It has opened my eyes to the many different ways and strategies to grow our business. I can’t thank you enough Paula for your engaging delivery and your exceptional facilitation. Not to mention your support and private coaching between our mastermind sessions.

Dawn Jensen – Owner Jentech Auto Services and Know Your Car Workshop Leader

I would like to say A huge “Thank You” to you for coaching me in my public speaking skills. I would sincerely recommend you to anyone who would like to polish up their skills in speaking. I was really struggling with my speaking skills but since attending your workshop and then being privately coached by you I have gained the skills and confidence to speak out and share my message. I was recently asked to present on the big stage in the Gold Coast. The applause was amazing, I even impressed a well- known speaker. He applauded and called me pocket dynamite. I was over the moon. The credit is due to you Paula. Thank you so much.

Hazel Hwee Ling - Business Director

As a coach myself I know how important it is to work with the right person and to ensure that person not only has incredible knowledge but can get the best out of you! Working with Paula has been a fantastic experience. She knows when to push me, how to hold me accountable and her extensive knowledge, gathered from many, many years leading successful businesses in a diverse range of industries is invaluable. I am more focused, breaking through new levels in my business all the time and excited about the future in a new and motivating way. 

Shannon Bush - Business Coach and International Best Selling Author

I began this 6-month journey with a little skepticism, reservation and curiosity. I wanted to know how I might benefit but didn’t know what that would look like. I can honestly say I have walked away from the experience with a clear mind on how to grow and improve my business while creating new friendships along the way

Kerri Buurman – Director Buurman Finance

I joined Paula’s Exceptional Business group to work with Paula. Since working with Paula my business reached its tipping point and took an unexpected direction. I feel like I’m in completely in the right space now and SO excited for the future of my business. Its potential is unlimited. Thank you, Paula,  

Kate Bird – Director Colour me Kate

Paula’s knowledge and delivery style makes you think and act in the most positive of ways. She makes being uncomfortable and challenged normal and safe. Paula created a cohesive and supportive group throughout the whole programme. 

Von Piachniarksi – Director The Biggest Little Swim School

Paula has a wealth of knowledge and shares her knowledge freely. Being part of the Mastermind group was invaluable as a sole entrepreneur. I feel it is an essential part for growth and support.

Helen Hart – Clinical Hypnotherapist

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