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Future Skills with Paula Smith

Future skills needed to stay relevant

There has been a lot of talk about the great resignation, which originated form the United States…

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Dr Paula Smith

Presentation Intelligence ® and Multiple Intelligences

Over the past few years, I have been researching, studying, writing about and working with many organisations…

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The world of fake experts

Who decides who is an expert?

I have always been a little addicted to learning, honing my skills and attending professional development events…

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Psychological safety

Are you and your team COVID ready? Psychological safety is key

How safe do you all feel? As of today, the WA borders still plan to open on February…

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Communication Agility

Communication Agility in a Hybrid World

Are you and your team practicing communication agility? The future is Hybrid, or so we keep hearing….

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Remember your presentation

The Science of Memory – how to remember your presentation

Last blog post I shared some tips on how to help your audience to remember your presentation,…

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Public speaking tips

Chunk and Repeat – another tip for presenting with the brain in mind

Have you ever been to a presentation you thought was inspirational or motivational and you left the…

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What on earth is Neuropresenting ®

What is Neuropresenting ® you ask? It’s presenting, training or leading from the front of the room…

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7 training mistakes

Well, that training was a waste of time

7 Critical Workforce Development/Training Mistakes Unfortunately, that phrase rings true for way too many organisations. How does…

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How to coach

What coaching model should I use? and what’s wrong with that question ?

As I start back training leaders in communication and coaching skills this week after the holiday break…

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Christmas party speech

Don’t Drink and Dribble – How to Nail the Office Christmas Party Speech

The Office Christmas Party Speech (Don’t Drink and Dribble) It’s that time of year again when office Christmas…

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Tips to overcome public speaking nerves

5 tips to overcome your public speaking nerves

No need to avoid presenting any longer You have been asked to present at your next industry…

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How to run a meeting

No more boring and unproductive toolbox meetings

No-one is born with engaging meeting, training or presenting skills. Unfortunately, many employees find themselves standing in…

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Presentation skills and Public Speaking Coach

Interview with Perth Business Network

It’s always a pleasure to share. This time a video interview with Perth Business Network – See…

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Virtual reality in public speaking

Technology for public speaking can be a dangerous decision

Using technology for designing or crafting a powerful presentation can be a dangerous decision. There is nothing…

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7 Presentation Skill Myths That Need to Die

Presentation Skills – 7 Myths that have not been serving you well You may have been to…

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Online Presentation Skills with Paula Smith CSP

7 Sins of Online Presenting -Zoom time is not always play time

Over the last few weeks, in response to the Corona Virus, we have seen an unprecedented surge…

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Presentation Skills – Executive Storytelling – Yes it’s Scientific

Do you want to get the boardroom addicted to your story? How about your staff or your…

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10 Big Presenting Mistakes to Avoid

10 big presentation mistakes to avoid if you want to nail your next presentation We’ve all been…

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Content isn’t always King when delivering a presentation

Content isn’t always King  It’s sometimes the queen You may have heard the expression “Content is king”…

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Leaders tell stories – Here’s why

The power of story Thanks to neuroscience we have learned a lot over the past few years…

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4 Must Read Tips to Help You Overcome Your Public Speaking Nerves

No need to avoid presenting any longer You have been asked to present at your next industry…

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Welcome to IMPACT – workforce development magazine

Welcome to IMPACT. My training company The Global Institute of Training and Presenting (GITP) published a quarterly…

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Does your audience remember your presentation? The primacy and recency effect.

A quick and easy tip to help you plan your next presentation. The most critical parts of your…

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The Pros and Cons of Training and Presenting

The results are in from the Great Training and Speaking Debate I am a little bit obsessed…

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It’s time you “Spiced It Up”

Spice up your Presentation Skills How many boring meetings, boardroom pitches or training sessions have you been…

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When a speaker cancels at the last minute

Presentation Skills – what would you do?  I used to joke that I hoped a speaker cancels…

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The Launch of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting

I am proud to announce I am now the Director and Chief of Business at the Global institute of Training…

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Autism West Speaks Out – It’s time to have a voice

Autism West Speaks Out – It’s time to have a voice Programme Ambassador Paula Smith (Professional Speaker,…

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The NOW Presentation

Presentation skills are a must have skill Make money, save money, save time and be happier now….

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