Speak Out to Play a Bigger Game

To ensure you meet the organisational goals and be a stand out presenter you need a clear purpose in the planning stages of your presentation.

Are you there to:

  • Educate and Inform
  • Persuade and Influence
  • Entertain
  • Or to provide a Ceremonial presentation

I always find the longer my sessions are the more entertaining and engaging I need to be. You can even get your participants (with clever activity planning) to be a great source of entertainment, education and influence.

Most presentations are a combination of all 4. Don’t just think because you are presenting lots of information you are only there to educate and inform, if you can’t influence the audience into applying the information or you are not entertaining or engaging enough to get your message across; your presentation could miss the mark.

What is the purpose of your next  presentation?

Then start your presentations with the end in mind.

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