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Have we lost RESPECT?

I have just returned from 2 weeks in Japan. Awesome. Although I have traveled quite extensively Japan was never really on my radar as a     place I wanted to visit. I was really surprised how much I loved it. The people, the culture, the history and the service.

My favourite thing about Japan is the Respect. As a customer of many businesses in Tokyo and in the Ski fields my needs, wants, desires were met with such respect. Nothing was too much trouble and every transaction was handled with the attitude of “I will do anything to make my customer happy”.

They don’t do this because of the tipping either as Japan is a “no tipping” zone. We were a little ignorant to this on the first day  which led to hotel service staff chasing us down the corridor to give our tip back to us. They do it because it’s their job to make their customers have a wonderful brand experience and out of respect.

This respect is not just displayed with their customers either, it is with each other, their families, their guests and in everything they do. I just loved it.

Are you demonstrating respect in all of your business transactions? Your communications? Your processes? Your brand?

Here are 5 things that you can do to show respect in business:

  1. Be on time for all meetings and appointments (regardless if you are the client or the customer)
  2. Don’t waste peoples time with processes that help you but are time wasters for your client (e.g.: difficult refund procedures or unnecessary forms)
  3. Respect your clients decision at all times (don’t take it personally)
  4. If you are in the service industry actually enjoy being of service
  5. Don’t expect anything in return for being exceptional at your job

How do you feel about respect?

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