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The Future is Story

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Nothing connects better with people than stories. We all have stories worth sharing, they do not need to be remarkable to have a lasting impact on those around us.

We are wired to connect with people and stories are all about people. Stories embed in the brain in a completely different way than facts and figures and our brains are wired to remember, learn from and enjoy a great story.

Knowing that stories are one of the best ways to connect with people, why are we not telling more stories in classrooms, boardrooms, conference floors and to influence others? Perhaps because we don’t know how to craft a powerful story or maybe we have been at the receiving end of a story that was delivered poorly or had no relevance.

Powerful storytelling is a combination of art and science and delivery practice. This keynote is an adventure into the world of story and how anyone can use storytelling as a method to influence, engage, sell, train, teach and inspire others in the world of business. Paula’s masters research into the world of storytelling for business brings an evidence-based and engaging approach to this keynote.

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The Future is Story

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