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Leading from the front of the room
Presentation Keynote

In this engaging, interactive and thought provoking keynote, Paula will share why our future leaders need to embrace the world of Presentation Intelligence ®. Presentation Intelligence ® is all about leading from the front of the room.

Whether you are leading a team, presenting to clients, coaching your staff, delivering a workshop, pitching to the board or presenting at a conference, everyone can benefit from learning the skills to stand up, speak out and have our message heard.

Paula’s 30+ year career and research into the world of Presentation Intelligence ® and Leadership Communication ensures the audience will leave confident that these are critical skills needed to lead and thrive in the future.

Paula can adapt this keynote to dive deeper into:

  • Pitching and presenting from the boardroom
  • The neuroscience of presenting
  • The neuroscience of learning
  • Meeting madness or meeting magic


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