Speak Out to Play a Bigger Game

Do you take risks in your presentations?

June 11, 2014 | Paula Smith

3. Deliver a Closing to Remember

Do you take risks in your presentations?

World class presenters take a few risks in their presentation design, message and delivery.

If you are not taking a few risks in your presentations you are not growing as a presenter and perhaps not growing the audience either.

Sometimes the higher the risk the deeper level of learning

One of my coaching clients just took a risk just with the opening of a workshop. She couldn’t believe the feedback she received, she said she also felt so much more empowered when she started off so strong.  She now has much more confidence  experimenting with her other training sessions.  Don’t get stuck doing what everyone else does. Be confident to be a ‘stand out’ presenter.  You can’t stand out without taking a few risks.

Another not for profit client was bidding for a $100,000 grant against other worthy candidates who also had  great stories and needed the money just as much. An out of the box presentation strategy  equalled a big fat cheque in the bank. A cheque that enabled them to continue their work for disadvantaged children.

Out of your presentation comfort zone please, take a risk, stand out, be remembered and bank the cheque.

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