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Content isn’t always King when delivering a presentation

April 27, 2019 | Paula Smith


Content isn’t always King 

It’s sometimes the queen

You may have heard the expression “Content is king” but, as I have explained in previous presentation principles, great content delivered badly is definitely not presentation royalty.

When I have been asked to help find a keynote for a conference or a trainer for the day most people ask for someone who is an expert in their field. Not surprising at all. The next question I get asked is, “Have I seen them present?” If the answer is “no” my recommendation loses weight very quickly. We all know a lot of experts, people who have the expertise we are looking for, but what we need is that “engaging expert” – a presenter who knows how to deliver their content with skill and can also connect with their audience. A presenter who can explain complex theories by using simple models or metaphors and a presenter who can contextualise their content to make it relevant to every person in the room.

Many conference organisers, meeting planners or clients want someone with expertise who can get their message across so will decide to book the number 2 or 3 expert or guru because of their ability to engage and entertain the audience as well.

Content is not always king. It sometimes has to play queen so the king of speaking and presenting can take the throne.

A king with no content substance can be overthrown very quickly though. A king with fresh insight, leadership, authenticity, an ability to connect with their kingdom and some pretty awesome content really is ‘presentation royalty’.

May I also convince you they will be rewarded with the respect of their subjects and will get paid in riches you can only dream about (also known as a high speaking fee).

Are you ready to be crowned? or is it off with your head?

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