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Paula was an accidental business coach more than 30 years ago when business groups were inviting Paula to speak to their members about the success of her first business which she then franchised.

Since then Paula has coached hundreds of business owners to develop  sustainable businesses and strong brands.

Paula niches in ‘expertise and knowledge’  businesses but finds her strategies and approach to business works across industries.

A serial entrepreneur herself and highly qualified in coaching, Paula loves to mine for the gold hidden within your business and works with you to find clarity, confidence and a great foundation so you can move forward and enjoy the business and impact you set out to achieve.

A solid business foundation is essential for long -term business success. It doesn’t mean you don’t test and measure and adapt your offerings to meet your market but marketing your business, your message and your offerings before you are ready could prove costly.

Paula’s clients have ranged from elite athletes, to National franchisors, from building companies to accounting firms, from professional speakers to business coaches and every business in between.

Paula generally works with business owners over a 3-month or 6-month period, meeting face to face or on-line either once or twice per month. Paula only works with a small number of private clients at any one time, as they have unlimited access to her throughout the coaching contract.

Paula also created the Exceptional Business Mastermind programme and model which is a small group business education and coaching programme which has been running for the past 6 years with one or two intake per year.

Coaching can be achieved face to face or on-line and many of Paula’s clients live across the globe.

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