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Autism West Speaks Out – It’s time to have a voice

June 27, 2016 | Paula Smith


Autism West Speaks Out – It’s time to have a voice

Programme Ambassador Paula Smith (Professional Speaker, Presentation Skills and Storytelling Author, and Mum of an adult Son on the Spectrum) believes anyone can be a powerful presenter given the right tools and the belief that their story or message is worth sharing. Paula is passionate about standing up and speaking out and has been helping individuals and organisations for nearly 30 years to have a voice and is now committed to helping Autism West Speak Out.

When Autism West approached Paula a couple of years ago to help with a pitch for some much needed funding Paula jumped at the chance to help and suggested one of their young Autistic members should be the one to share his story from the Platform instead of a board member. After such a positive response from this event and a cheque in the bank, it wasn’t long before Autism West CEO Alison Davis realised that having public speaking skills and the confidence to share was a chance for these special individuals to be heard.

Paula is looking forward to helping young people on the spectrum through the Autism West Speaks Out programme to have a voice so they too can achieve and reach their full potential at school and in the workplace.

Autism West speaks out launches on July 23rd. A series of public speaking workshops will be presented over the next year for 13-30 year olds covering:

  • Structuring a presentation
  • Keeping those nerves where they belong
  • Believing in your message
  • Storytelling
  • Embracing who you are and your own presenting style
  • Getting your intended message across
  • Presenting with purpose

A public speaking group will also be formed for confidence and fun and for lots of practice in between the workshops.

Once ready, some of the workshop graduates will be presenting in schools and in businesses about the positive contribution individuals on the spectrum can bring to the school yard and workplace. They will share personal stories and suggest strategies for how school friends and work colleagues can  support people on the spectrum so they too can achieve and shine.

One of the programme graduates Charles Winning enjoyed his
radio debut on ABC radio recently. Paula and Charles chat about all things speaking.

For more information or to donate to this programme contact Programme Ambassador Paula Smith.

It would be super to have a corporate sponsor for this project and get behind Autism West Speaks Out

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