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Are you having trouble communicating your message?

June 23, 2015 | Paula Smith


Are you having trouble getting your message across?

Not being able to communicate effectively can be the catalyst for many a personal or business relationship crashing.

I have just finished delivering my last 3 day business Intensive programme and one of the topics we work on is clarity about your message. Some of the participants were very passionate about their message, their topic and expertise but had some difficulty articulating it to others. Not being able to communicate your message makes it very difficult for others to buy from you, difficult for people to engage in conversation about your message and really difficult for anyone to refer you to others.  When the participants could clearly communicate their message effectively or their offerings others in the room could see exactly what they were so passionate about and the value they had to offer.

This is just one example of how powerful it is to be able to communicate effectively in business. What about those distressing office disputes? those unnecessary arguments with customers or how many times have you heard the comment “Oh I didn’t realise that’s what you meant”?

When communicating your message ensure you:

1.  break it down into simple, easy to digest pieces of information in layman’s terms, this helps the receiving brains to process the new information. (or if using industry jargon, only with people in your industry)

2. ask for clarification of understanding

3. use some visuals if you can. Sometimes a picture really does say 1000 words and vision trumps all other senses. Even writing down key words to display helps people to process what you have just explained.

4. use metaphors and analogies with the complex stuff so your listener has a point of prior reference.

5. keep your emotions in tact. Try a different approach, we don’t all learn the same way. Also don’t get emotionally attached to the outcome. Not everyone will agree with you even when you do manage to get your message across.

5. ensure before you walk away your listener could repeat your message to others if they needed to.

Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, don’t let your inability to get your message across stand in the way of building and maintaining positive relationships with everyone around you.

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